1upemad.com is a nationwide hub for buyers and sellers of high-quality sales leads. We bring together successful leads-focused businesses across diverse industries to form long-lasting, lucrative partnerships. We make selling quality leads easy. All you have to do is conduct business as normal, and when you come across a lead that may not be a fit for you, sell it to us. You help your prospect, build a network of buyers and still benefit when your lead is sold.

Our History of Success

We have been in business since since 2012. Because we leverage business intelligence and implement innovative strategies to help buyers and sellers across diverse sectors. We buy your leads for your website and then resell them. This way you generate revenue by attracting customers and selling them to us. We allow you, the customer, to control how much money you make. Earn enough for dinner and drinks or earn enough to buy a new Jaguar (the car).

Sky is the limit

Each lead posted must meet our standards and is also rated by the buyer. If a seller receives a low rating they will be kicked out of the community. We allow you to create your own marketplace. You create your brand. You interact with other members to help you, them and your current customers.


Not happy with a lead you purchased? We’ll give you your money back. Not sure you’ll make money with your lead. Just try it and find out. What do you have to lose? Maximize your prospecting hours. You learn a lot about your client. Use that extra information to help them, you and a fellow salesperson.